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I was apprehensive about joining the course but I have thoroughly enjoyed each session. I have learnt how to participate in chat rooms, use smartboard and share images. 

Women Walking on Water

I really enjoy our weekly walks by the canal with the Shakti Women. It is so refreshing and great to talk to other women because I don't get out very much.

My charity budgets have grown 500%, our number of beneficiaries 600%, our staff has gone from 1 founder to an empowered female CEO, with an assistant and 10 freelance coaches. My advice to you: take the plunge! 

My counselling session is going so well. She feels like a friend. I feel so comfortable and she's really helping me unpack everything. 

Talk Therapy

Zoom Bootcamp

Consultancy Client

Girls Club

Staff Comment 

Working for Shakti has been one of the most rewarding and dynamic experiences I've had. I love that we are serving women in this holistic way, with such compassion and respect for their inner beauty and power. 


Shakti Girls Club

I found the sessions really helpful. It helped me to stand up for myself and to remember my worth because I am ONE in a BILLION.


As a performer the production was phenomenal. I feel inspired to move on to the next part of my journey using my superpower of dance. Shakti reminded me of that. 

Volunteer Feedback

I enjoyed working at Shakti. The staff are so kind and I learnt so much in a short period of time.

Shakti Self-Care Videos

Self-care is important to us at Shakti Women. We believe that women should look after themselves so we've created a series of videos to help you unravel.


Find a brief moment of peace in all the madness. Sit back and let your favourite dance and yoga teacher, Monica, guide you through a moment of tranquillity with our relaxing yoga sessions. Or why don't you dance like no one is watching... if you've been feeling like getting active, we have some groovy, waist moving, heart-pumping dance moves to make you feel alleviated. 

Perhaps you've been experiencing a mixed bag of emotions during this pandemic. We certainly have!  Our creative writing workshops are a great way to process the good, the bad and the ugly of life in and after lockdown. 


Whatever you're looking for, we've got you. Everything is just a click away.

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