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Me and My Money

So many women have struggled with job losses whilst lock-down after lockdown has seen a significant rise in on-line spending. Women tell us they are drowning under debt and finances are “out of control”. The money club will support us all to review our income and expenditure, practice budgeting and thrift, manage debt and create an affordable savings plan.

As women we deserve to live a life without financial worries. So, join us.

Job Club


The Shakti Job Club can help you with local employment support when you need it. You will receive individualised support and you will be a part of a women-only tribe where you’ll build your skills and confidence to navigate the workplace. Over the next 12 months we will offer a delightful and engaging menu of work related skills, including confidence building, understanding your unique selling points (USP), the importance of networking & allies, understanding your learning styles, dressing for success, communication & team building skills. Beginning on Tuesday 8th June ON-LINE 10am - 11.30am and moving in July and August to a face to face offering.



This project is designed to improve connectivity and highlight the services available to women by other women’s organisations. We are updating our database of Birmingham-based women’s organisations and will be hosting a series of workshops and networking sessions aimed at building our social connections, reducing the isolation that often comes from working alone and, of course, celebrating all of our amazing work.


Interested in joining?


Call Siobhan on 0121 233 1670 or register for your free space at our online                                          

Lockdown Diaries


This year has shown us all that we are stronger than we think we are. In these lockdown moments, we have all realised that we have more to offer, more life to live, more laughter to release, families to reconnect with and, perhaps most importantly, love to give both to ourselves and others. We want to hear how you've overcome the challenges of this time or even how you still haven't quite figured it out - we want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. Send us 50-1000 words: a poem, a story, a piece of prose, a diary entry or even just a rant about your lockdown experiences or what's going on in the world right now. You can email your piece to womanlywords@shaktiwomen.com.

Creative Writing

Perhaps you have been feeling a mixed bag of emotions during this pandemic. If so, we have the perfect antidote. Our short creative writing workshops on YouTube are a great way to process what's been coming up for you this lockdown and any anxieties you may have about life after it. Oh, and don't forget to check out the free, downloadable worksheets that accompany each video on our 'Treats' page. 

Women Walking on Water 

Water has so many benefits, not just for the skin and the body but for the soul too. It nourishes us in so many ways. When we feel overwhelmed, we might light some candles, run a nice hot bath and soak away our sorrows. Well, we have launched a project all about water and wellbeing, aimed to get women walking and talking around Birmingham’s beautiful canals and to write creatively about water and its healing properties. Due to the new lockdown restrictions, we have been unable to gather to do our weekly group walks, but that doesn’t mean we won’t walk. So, join our Facebook community page where we will be sending in pictures of our individual walks.

Weekly Coffee Mornings

Open to all women, our weekly Coffee Mornings are a safe space for women to talk, share, laugh and just be themselves. It takes place online and is usually hosted by our wonderful facilitator, Claudette, but is currently hosted by Danielle. Once lockdown eases, we will be hosting the coffee mornings in-person at our beautiful venue on Newhall Street. To register to receive the weekly Zoom links, please email hello@shaktiwomen.com and if you are't familiar with Zoom, someone will give you a call to assist.

Let’s Talk

As women we tend to be strong rarely showing our weaknesses, but it’s time to let your guard down. We're tired of saying, "I'm fine!" when really all we want to do is scream. If things have been getting on top on you lately, then it’s probably a sign that you need to talk. So, we are here to listen. Our free talk therapy service is only an email away. We have a team of professional counsellors, mentors and therapists working just for you. Email us at hello@shaktiwomen.com with your number and we will get in touch. Don't suffer in silence, you weren't made to be alone.

Bun & Say Cheese 

Shakti is dedicated to helping the most vulnerable in the community and at the moment that is the elderly who are lonely, isolated and sometimes living in fear of the world around them. This project is dedicated to supporting our elders (men and women) who may be worried about the future and afraid for their safety and that of their loved ones. So we've found a way to bridge the gap. We are offering activity packs, food parcels which we can deliver safely to your door, as well as one-to-one telephone counselling. Once the lockdown eases, we will have a weekly cook-out at a local church which will include dancehall, show and tell, and much more . If you live in North West Birmingham and you or someone you know could benefit from our service, please get in contact with us. Just send your details to hello@shaktiwomen.com and will get back to you. 

Shakti Body Love

Self-care is queen. We want you to keep active but we know it's not easy to get motivated, so why not do one of our shorter workouts and maybe even a gentle and relaxing yoga session? We've created these videos for YouTube as a way for you to treat yourself. Each video is a call to love your body through the movement of dance and yoga but with a little Shakti twist. Join the amazing Monica Douglas-Clark as she leads us in play and let’s have some fun and a few laughs as we celebrate our glorious bodies.


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Enjoy xox