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Write Mind: Creative Writing & Self-Expression Session


We want women to  harness their inner strength and develop the tools they need to navigate everyday challenges and build powerful networks. We provide a series of writing, talking and self-development workshops designed to help women explore these issues, express their feeling and find their voice. 


We use creative writing to give women the ability to express their feelings such as anger, rage, confusion and create spaces where women can develop their strength and resilience and self-care tools. Giving women the power to be more resilient in response to new and future challenges. 

Creative City: Womanhood 

Exploring Womanhood, will work with ordinary women to define, celebrate, and express their womanhood. We encourage women through dance, drama, spoken & written word, to explore the joys, the rage, the pain, the sensuality, and the burdens of being a woman in today’s society. We will use dance, themed workshops, and creative writing to help women to explore the impact of these everyday issues, focusing on some common themes of Sexuality, Sensuality, Rage, Power, Subjugation, Resurrection, Power, Shame, Abuse, Sexism & Misogyny that so many women deal with on a daily basis.


Attracting a curious & eclectic mix of women of all ages & ethnicities to our participatory workshops. We anticipate this project to be a cacophony of voices. We will be upholding the values of the commonwealth by Inspiring, engaging and connecting communities through creative writing and dance, to realise their full potential and live happier, healthier lives.This project will build the confidence and self-esteem of our users as we explore their hidden depths. So, whether you’re a budding writer, want to talk or let your hair down, bring“her”, whoever “she” maybe, out to play. 


Flex your creative muscles, let your imagination flow and put your spiralling thoughts to paper in this light and friendly creative writing workshop. All levels and abilities welcome.  


Creative Writing: Every Thursday at 7pm, on




This project is designed to improve connectivity and highlight the services available to women by other women’s organisations. We are updating our database of Birmingham-based women’s organisations and will be hosting a series of workshops and networking sessions aimed at building our social connections, reducing the isolation that often comes from working alone and, of course, celebrating all of our amazing work.


Interested in joining?


Call Siobhan on 0121 233 1670 or register for your free space at our online                                          

Creative Writing Guides 

Perhaps you have been feeling a mixed bag of emotions during this pandemic. If so, we have the perfect antidote. Our short creative writing workshops on YouTube are a great way to process what's been coming up for you this lockdown and any anxieties you may have about life after it. Oh, and don't forget to check out the free, downloadable worksheets that accompany each video on our 'Treats' page. 

Shakti Body Love

Self-care is queen. We want you to keep active but we know it's not easy to get motivated, so why not do one of our shorter workouts and maybe even a gentle and relaxing yoga session? We've created these videos for YouTube as a way for you to treat yourself. Each video is a call to love your body through the movement of dance and yoga but with a little Shakti twist. Join the amazing Monica Douglas-Clark as she leads us in play and let’s have some fun and a few laughs as we celebrate our glorious bodies.


Just click on the topic you fancy below and the link will take you to our YouTube Channel:

Enjoy xox

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