Our vision is to create a world in which women are valued and where they can affect positive change in their lives and in their communities. 

We strive to encourage all women to be recognise their own unique beauty, to live their dreams and to realise their full potential. 

One of our key pillars is to provide excellent coaching and mentoring services to individuals.

Our team have designed mentoring programmes for national organisations and deliver excellent value when working one-to-one.



If you’re looking for someone to help you achieve a specific life, personal or professional goal then it’s a coach you need - someone on your side to help you plan your way to success, to eliminate obstacles and who will keep you focused on your goal until you achieve success.


If you just need to talk over a problem or issue you've been grappling with alone, give us a call and we will match you up with a trained counsellor.  It's good to talk. 


Having a highly qualified, experienced, professional to bounce ideas around, to talk through your options or to give you clear impartial advice, can make all the difference between “just about managing” and thriving!


We have supported business leaders (directors and chief executives), start-ups and women on their way, by giving them the space, the qualified support and the sounding board they need to make their own decisions. 

About our coaches, counsellors and mentors


Shakti Women are training new coaches and mentors all the time.  Most have a background in either business growth, professional development, life coaching, counselling or NLP counselling. 


They will all have also undertaken our in-house mentoring training to ensure their listening skills are up to our standard and that they are able to promote the values and mission of Shakti Women.


If you’re looking for a coach, counsellor or a mentor, we will:

1. Provide initial consultation to determine your specific needs

2. Match you with the appropriate coach or mentor for you

3. Watch you grow from strength to strength

For more information about Coaching, Counselling or Mentoring email or give us a call: 0121 233 1670


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