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“Every successful woman knows that having a great mentor is her key to unlocking her creativity and her intuition.”

Over the years Shakti Women have interviewed hundreds of women about the issues they face in everyday life as business or professional women.


The key issue we heard time and time again was ISOLATION.  


Having an experienced, professional person to bounce ideas around with or a highly qualified person to talk through your options or to give you clear impartial advice can make the difference between “just about managing” and thriving!


Family and friends are amazing but they all have biased opinions of you and probably your business or professional life that can get in the way of decision-making. 


Sometimes it’s YOU that is getting in the way of your own progress.


Shakti Women's mentoring programme is a unique approach to mentoring based on the following key principle:


If you could see the whole picture, you would be the best person to make decisions about your life, work or business.  


You may already know the answers but need space and a qualified, impartial board behind you to help you to come to your own conclusions and to make informed, well thought through decisions.


Research shows that businesses whose leaders have mentors are 85% more likely to succeed than those without.

With a Shakti mentor...


  • You get space to listen to yourself and think things through.

  • You get a sounding board to sound out new ideas.

  • You get to speak to someone who has walked in your shoes.

  • You get to speak to someone who believes that YOU and only YOU are in the best position to understand your career or business and that when you have all the facts, only YOU can decide where you are going.

  • You get to speak to someone (when you do need industry-specific advice) who has the answers or can sign-post you to the people that do.


When we started showing women how mentoring worked they all said the same thing:


“I don’t think I have ever really been listened to before.”

What exactly is the difference between mentoring, coaching, advice and therapy, though?

We are professional women experienced in some area of business or professional development and highly trained in effective listening, visioning and empowering techniques.  We listen, reflect, strategise, challenge and act as a sounding board. We support you to focus on your priorities. 

Psychotherapy is the treatment of a physical, mental or social disorder. Often talk therapy helps us to simply feel heard in order to make sense of our dilemmas. Counselling is basically professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.


Advice is about suggesting the best course of action to take based on the advisor's knowledge and experience. Advice may give you tips about how to run your life or your business (albeit based upon a wealth of industry-specific experience).


You know exactly where you want to go and just need someone in your corner to help you set and reach your deadlines. A coach will be there to hold you accountable and keep you on track.



Shakti Women is training new mentors all the time.  Most have a background in either business, professional development, life coaching or therapeutic & NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) counselling.  They have all also undertaken our in-house mentoring training (ILM or SFEDI standard) to ensure their listening skills are up to our standard and that they are able to promote the values and mission of Shakti Women.



Finding the perfect fit is about trial and error - try before you buy.


  • All of our mentors offer a 15-minute FREE consultation. 

  • Whilst it’s not vital you like your mentor, it is important that you feel safe, a sense of trust and the confidence to share all of your personal and professional dilemmas. 


So, it’s really worth you shopping around and finding the perfect fit!

It's the best investment I have ever made and the most productive hour of every month."

“The breakthrough I received was and is priceless”

“The sessions are effective, thought provoking and beneficial”

“I always leave my mentoring session feeling energised and ready to take on the next challenge”


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