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Young Creatives is a new initiative developed by Shakti as a response to requests for help from young people in our network. 

Our young creatives told us they needed help to:

  • develop their business ideas.

  • market their services.

  • meet and connect with other successful business leaders.

  • Price their products or service

They also told us they needed a space to meet and share ideas with other young creatives.

We decided we wanted to offer help but we ultimately wanted to be able to stand back and let these amazing young people build an organisation for themselves.

In the past 12 months what we did was:

1. provide them the space to meet and share ideas – the studio!

2. support them to create a steering committee to drive the project

3. support them to write their memorandum of articles

3. support them to launch and register their own CIC

We also approached 28 local business leaders all of whom have agreed to offer 1 hour of mentoring support to the individual businesses within the group.

Now let’s watch them shine.

If you are aged 18-30 and interested in joining the young creatives email

We educate, create and equip young people with the resources available to pursue artistic avenues as well as promoting business and cultivating business skills. 

We aim to enhance the business avenue and creative skill, finding opportunities and encouraging creatives to have a can-do attitude.

We aim to break down barriers that stop or hinder young people from excelling in their creative practice especially during these uncertain times. Furthermore, to create a community of likeminded individual to share experiences and support each other e.g. collaborations. 

1.Business – education around branding, creating opportunities, being digital and freelancing, portfolios etc

2.Personal Skills – Professionalism, enhancing creativity and developing healthy mindsets and attitudes as a creative

3.Mentorship – working one-on-one with industry professionals gaining lucrative skills and networking prospects and training. 

How to get involved? 

​If you are interested or know a young creative then drop us an email


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