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“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”

Our girls are the future, and research tells us that whilst girls do better at school, are more likely to go to university and have been outperforming boys in languages, maths and science for decades, they are much less likely to see these gains in the professional and business world.

So, what's happening to our girls? Here's a breakdown of the statistics that we think paint a revealing picture of why this is:

  • 1:3 girls in schools in the UK have reported experiencing unwanted sexual touching (Women & Equalities Committee).

  • 37% of teenage girls are experiencing some sort of symptom of mental ill health. (DoE)

  • 2:3 experienced body loathing because of pressures from social media. (DoE)


Various studies suggest that it’s socialisation and negative gender expectations that slow our girls down. In other words, our society teaches girls to play small and play it safe!

Well, that’s not the Shakti way...


We want our girls to shine academically and aspire to the professional status they deserve.

We want our girls to learn the basic tools they will need to fight negativity and stereotypes, to raise their aspirations and build their confidence.

Every Easter and summer we run a fun activity-based Girls' Club.

Our Girls' Club is designed to keep their dreams alive, to help them navigate the social negativity that remains in our society and to have a grounding that says:

“She believed she could, so she did.”

We focus on topics like:

  • Who Am I? A Journey of Self-discovery.

  • Assertiveness: Saying no to others and yes to our dreams.

  • Self-esteem and Self-confidence - understanding the difference and nurturing both.

  • Managing My Mojo - building and maintaining inner strength and resilience.

  • Healthy Relationships - understanding the core essentials & dealing with the “haters”

  • Social Media - understanding the uses and avoiding the abuses.

If you like the sound of that, then sign up to our newsletter or email: to ensure you’re on our database and get invited to the next club in 2021.


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What did you get out of today?
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Shakti Galz


"Learning how to think positively about my self image."

What was your favourite thing?
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Shakti Galz

"Getting to know everyone and the instructors by doing fun activities."

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Shakti Galz

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Shakti Galz

I was apprehensive about taking my daughter to Shakti because she has recently told me she feels petrified talking to people. However, at the end of each session I was mindful not to interrogate her. Lauren was very forthcoming and chatted away detailing the activities she participated in that session. For me this is a big thing because she is so very shy.  We both appreciate and we are very thankful for the 3 days in which Shakti delivered.  

For more information about Shakti Girls email or give us a call: 0121 233 1670

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