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When women support women incredible things happen 

The  Women2Women Consortium is a safe, informal space where you can meet and talk to other women business leaders, social entrepreneurs and third-sector experts to gain insight, advice and guidance, and simply to share your challenges and triumphs with like-minded people.


There’s still so much to talk about, so let’s keep the momentum going. We already have 167 members and counting, so why haven't you joined us yet?   

Sign up today by emailing with the subject "W2W I'M IN". Tell us a bit about your organisation and what you do. 

 202 CLUB 

In 2018 the World Economic Forum predicted that it would take 202 years for the gender gap to close and, since the pandemic hit, it's now predicted to take even longer. 

We simply cannot wait that long. We have to do whatever we can now to push forward issues around gender equality including the pay gap, violence against women and girls, women in leadership and so much more. 

Together, we are stronger. 

Join the 202 Club to have your say and play your part in lobbying for change.

Email subject "202 I'M IN". 


As part of our Women2Women project we spoke to leaders of women's organisations. Read more about our amazing women and their organisations, click below or head over to our blog to see more articles. 

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Liv Garfield,
Severn Trent 

Dr Pauline Roche


PC Andrea


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