Shakti Women Franchises started as a chance to share our years of knowledge and experience, giving women everywhere the opportunity to run their own Shakti Women chapter. We believe the values of Shakti Women should be accessible for all women, no matter their location or background.

We are looking for women who love our values and who are willing to commit a few hours a week to growing others and building their own business:

  • We value the unique beauty of each and every woman we serve

  • We value continuous personal and professional development

  • We value the diversity and beauty of our world

We have created a series of tools to help you deliver excellent training on a weekly basis and we will support you to understand and share our brand and our amazing services.

REACH:  As more women take up our franchise the greater will be our membership pool.  Just try and imagine the visibility that growth has to offer each Chapter Leader? 

WEALTH:  Not only do you prosper from your member’s subscriptions but as you start working closer with other Chapter Leaders you could be growing your market for your own business.  As we all know, people buy from people that they all know and trust.

WISDOM:   there is nothing more effective for our own personal and professional development than the process of teaching others.  As a Chapter Leader, you will be constantly revising and homing your skills and knowledge, you will be a cut about the rest.

If you are mad about supporting others to grow and flourish and want to build on your unique leadership skills, tour profile and increase your visibility and are prepared to commit to delivering excellence.

If you're thinking of opening your own chapter please get in touch. 


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