Our Values...
  • Respect Yourself and treat your dreams with tenderness

  • Respect the dreams of others

  • Respect the beauty and diversity that is our world.

It's been 14 years since we began helping women reach their full potential so to celebrate, we've had a makeover. 
Here's our story...

"Shakti Women Ltd was created to support today’s woman to realise her full potential and to set and reach her goals.

We were established in 2006 out of a recognition that the average woman juggles. She juggles work and family and whist men do too, women are often primary carers for children and elders and because of these often demanding roles, we can let our own priorities, wishes and dreams slip by unacknowledged.

We provide a space for women to re-focus on their own needs and the knowledge and skills to support all women to achieve their full potential.

Unlike any other women’s organisation, we work on the idea that by focusing on our business & professional development alone, we can create a living but focus on the whole WOMAN and we create a life.

Our membership programme offers a comprehensive basket of workshops created to enhance and promote your Continuous Professional and Personal Development (CPPD). Anyone can apply to join Shakti Women but only women who are prepared to invest in themselves and the group will.


Women create, nurture and sustain current and future generations. Therefore it is essential that we know how to take care of our personal and professional needs and to set a positive example for our daughters, our sons and society as a whole.


Our membership programme was designed to support you to grow personally and professionally and to catapult you to success. We provide the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to win and the space to develop, to reflect, to learn, and to grow your confidence and to come into your own.  

Wherever your starting off point, what we look for is a willingness and a hunger to succeed. 

We believe in the Art of Happiness and the Science of Success.  

Shakti means power, creativity and energy. Shakti Women have all three." 

Ten years later and we still believe in our vision, we live for it and strive for it whole heartedly every day. 

Welcome to Shakti Women, here is the start of your journey. 



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