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Fancy a laugh? Then buy the book.


These funny, tragic, thoughtful plays represent a snapshot of just some of the cases brought before Judge Serendipity Hope who has made it her mission to stamp out misogyny in all its ugly forms whist grappling with her own deep dark secrets.


It is the year 2030 and misogyny has been outlawed since 2020. However, this undesirable practice still stalks the dark corners of present-day society.


Written by a collaboration by and for women.


We had feedbak from more that 300 people attending our events:


“Fabulous & Funny. Made my cheeks hurt.”

“Really thought provoking.”

“Witty, good hearted & very perceptive.”

“Very funny. So F***ing relevant”


But let us be clear, of the 300 plus individuals who attended our performances and left amazing feedback we had this single negative comment:


“what a load of shit – you women think you’re relevant – will not be recommending.”


We say Halleluiah!


The Misogyny Trials: A book of plays by and for women

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