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  • Training Room Hire Full-Day

    Looking for a room to deliver your training or workshop? Well look no further as we have a lovely, warm space, bright, inspirational space, bang in the centre of town, with easy access to public transport and parking. We provide teas and coffees, projection equipment, flip-charts, Bluetooth and internet as well as easy access to local eateries. In fact, we have everything you need for your workshop or meeting to run smoothly and at a price you can afford.

  • Women's Hub

    Looking for a shared work space and a change of scenery? Well look no further as we have a lovely, warm, bright, inspirational space, bang in the centre of town, with easy access to public transport and parking. We provide teas and coffees, projection equipment, flip-charts, Bluetooth and internet as well as easy access to local eateries and in-house breakfast bar. In fact, we have everything you need in this work space to run smoothly and at a price you can afford. Available Monday - Friday from 9am to 6pm.

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  • ROOM HIRE | shaktiwomen

    SHAKTI SPACES BOOK A VIEWING Next VIRTUAL OR IN HOUSE In the heart of the City Centre, Shakti Rooms offer you safety and style at affordable rates. Choose from our meeting room, communal hot desking area, studio or editing suite for all your workaway needs. Shakti Rooms will inspire you to think, create, andachieve. As you ease yourself back into ‘normality’, Shakti Rooms allows for safe, socially distanced working at rates that will knock your socks off. You won’t find a more conveniently located space at such competitive prices, especially for Community Groups who get 10% of our service. Choose from our full-day, half-day or evening offer. We’re open from 9am until 7pm. Shakti Inspire Shakti Achieve Shakti Office Training Room Hire Full-Day 10% off Community Groups Read More 8 hr From £25 - £150 From £25 - £150 More Info Training Room Hire Full-Day 10% off Community Groups 8 hr From £25 - £150 From £25 - £150 More Info Women's Hub £20 a day & from £100 per month 1 hr £20 - £150 £20 - £150 More Info Premium Office Host Desking - LIMITED A stylish and spacious single desk. 8 hr From £200 a month From £200 a month Book Now REFUND POLICY: Our Rooms are non-refundable, but you are able to reschedule your booking at a convenient date that suits you, IF IT IS AVAILABLE . ENQUIRE NOW TESTIMONIALS “GREAT ROOM, CENTRAL LOCATION AND EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN A MEETING ROOM. TEAM ARE SO HELPFUL." "THANK YOU FOR THE USE OF SUCH A FANTASTIC SPACE. THE SERVICE HAS BEEN IMPECCABLE AND THE SPACE IS PERFECT FOR MY WORKSHOPS." “THE SPACE IS EXQUISITE AND OF COURSE COMES WITH THE USUAL SHAKTI SERVICE."

  • COACHING & MENTORING | shaktiwomen

    MENTORING AND COACHING WHY GET A MENTOR? BOOK FREE CONSULTATION “Every successful woman knows that having a great mentor is her key to unlocking her creativity and her intuition.” ​ Over the years Shakti Women have interviewed hundreds of women about the issues they face in everyday life as business or professional women. The key issue we heard time and time again was ISOLATION. Having an experienced, professional person to bounce ideas around with or a highly qualified person to talk through your options or to give you clear impartial advice can make the difference between “just about managing” and thriving! Family and friends are amazing but they all have biased opinions of you and probably your business or professional life that can get in the way of decision-making. Sometimes it’s YOU that is getting in the way of your own progress. Shakti Women's mentoring programme is a unique approach to mentoring based on the following key principle: If you could see the whole picture, you would be the best person to make decisions about your life, work or business. You may already know the answers but need space and a qualified, impartial board behind you to help you to come to your own conclusions and to make informed, well thought through decisions. WHAT'S SO GOOD ABOUT MENTORING? Research shows that businesses whose leaders have mentors are 85% more likely to succeed than those without. ​ With a Shakti mentor... You get space to listen to yourself and think things through. You get a sounding board to sound out new ideas. You get to speak to someone who has walked in your shoes. You get to speak to someone who believes that YOU and only YOU are in the best position to understand your career or business and that when you have all the facts, only YOU can decide where you are going. You get to speak to someone (when you do need industry-specific advice) who has the answers or can sign-post you to the people that do. When we started showing women how mentoring worked they all said the same thing: “I don’t think I have ever really been listened to before.” ​ What exactly is the difference between mentoring, coaching, advice and therapy, though? mentoring Therapy We are professional women experienced in some area of business or professional development and highly trained in effective listening, visioning and empowering techniques. We listen, reflect, strategise, challenge and act as a sounding board. We support you to focus on your priorities. Psychotherapy is the treatment of a physical, mental or social disorder. Often talk therapy helps us to simply feel heard in order to make sense of our dilemmas. Counselling is basically professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems. Advice Advice is about suggesting the best course of action to take based on the advisor's knowledge and experience. Advice may give you tips about how to run your life or your business (albeit based upon a wealth of industry-specific experience). Coaching You know exactly where you want to go and just need someone in your corner to help you set and reach your deadlines. A coach will be there to hold you accountable and keep you on track. ABOUT OUR MENTORS ​ ​ Shakti Women is training new mentors all the time. Most have a background in either business, professional development, life coaching or therapeutic & NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) counselling. They have all also undertaken our in-house mentoring training (ILM or SFEDI standard) to ensure their listening skills are up to our standard and that they are able to promote the values and mission of Shakti Women. ​ Finding the perfect fit is about trial and error - try before you buy. All of our mentors offer a 15-minute FREE consultation. Whilst it’s not vital you like your mentor, it is important that you feel safe, a sense of trust and the confidence to share all of your personal and professional dilemmas. So, it’s really worth you shopping around and finding the perfect fit! ​ It's the best investment I have ever made and the most productive hour of every month." “The breakthrough I received was and is priceless” “The sessions are effective, thought provoking and beneficial” “I always leave my mentoring session feeling energised and ready to take on the next challenge” HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? ​ ​

  • Personal Development | Shakti Women Ltd | England

    HELLO BEAUTIFUL. YOU'RE AMAZING! TALK TO US. LET'S GO OUR SERVICES BUSINESS CONSULTING & MARKETING SHAKTI WOMEN IN THE COMMUNITY SHAKTI Galz club PINK PAPer ROOM HIRE COACHING AND MENTORING Shakti Self-Care Videos Self-care is important to us at Shakti Women. We believe that women should look after themselves so we've created a series of videos to help you unravel. Find a brief moment of peace in all the madness. Sit back and let your favourite dance and yoga teacher, Monica, guide you through a moment of tranquillity with our relaxing yoga sessions. Or why don't you dance like no one is watching... if you've been feeling like getting active, we have some groovy, waist moving, heart-pumping dance moves to make you feel alleviated. ​ Perhaps you've been experiencing a mixed bag of emotions during this pandemic. We certainly have! Our creative writing workshops are a great way to process the good, the bad and the ugly of life in and after lockdown. Whatever you're looking for, we've got you. Everything is just a click away. WHAT PEOPLE SAY I was apprehensive about joining the course but I have thoroughly enjoyed each session. I have learnt how to participate in chat rooms, use smartboard and share images. Women Walking on Water I really enjoy our weekly walks by the canal with the Shakti Women. It is so refreshing and great to talk to other women because I don't get out very much. This is the best room we have found in all of Birmingham to use for training and meetings. My counselling session is going so well. She fees like a friend. I feel so comfortable and she's really helping me unpack everything. Talk Therapy Zoom Bootcamp Training Room Girls Club Staff Comment Working for Shakti has been one of the most rewarding and dynamic experiences I've had. I love that we are serving women in this holistic way, with such compassion and respect for their inner beauty and power. Studio Room I really enjoy our weekly walks by the canal with the Shakti Women. It is so refreshing and great to talk to other women because I don't get out very much. Studio Room I loved the Studio – we’ve used the other room which are great, but this space is exquisite and of course comes with the usual shakti service. Volunteer Feedback I enjoyed working at Shakti. The staff are so kind and I learnt so much in a short period of time.

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  • "Be Kind, Be Authentic": Interview with Liv Garfield

    Background Liv Garfield was one of the youngest female FTSE 100 chief executives when she was appointed as Chief Executive of Severn Trent in April 2014. Before this, she was CEO of BT Openreach and is credited with overseeing the commercial roll-out of fibre broadband to two-thirds of the country. Before joining BT she worked for Accenture as a consultant in the communications and hi-tech market division and she was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in October 2020 for her services to the water industry. In 2013, she was ranked 10th in Fortune magazine’s annual 40 under 40 list of rising corporate stars and ranked the 14th most powerful women in Europe/Middle East and Africa. She is the winner of the coveted, Veuve de Clicquot Business Woman Awards 2018. Liv is also a member of the 30% Club which is committed to reaching at least 30% representation of all women on all boards and C-suits globally. What made me want to interview Liv was of course her amazing achievements but also what I loved about her is what people who worked for Severn Trent have told me firsthand: “she’s so approachable, and she cares.” From the kite marks Severn Trent have gained to date, it is clear that she has most certainly created a culture of inclusivity where women will not be hitting the glass ceiling under her watch! I also loved seeing the work she does out there in the community, including setting aside time to give careers advice to young leaders and taking time out of each working week to meet all of her 15,000+ staff and of course taking time out for an interview with yours truly. Interview begins: Q: what did you want to be a growing up? A: A Blue Peter presenter Q: could you tell us about yourself and your professional Journey? I studied French and German and was not really prepared for the world of business but soon learned through work experience in Brussels in my university foundation year and later 5 years with Accenture. This really prepared me for the world of work. I was also a bit of a competitive people watcher! Q. What was your greatest achievement? That’s easy my 2 boys – yes like most women I juggle, like holding plates on a stick, we compromise but in order to make time for the people and things we really value, we must be selective about how we use our time. I have also made a zillion mistakes – that’s why I think it’s so important we enjoy the journey. Q. What advice would you give a woman starting out on her career today? To me leadership is about authenticity. I’d say… Take the real you to work Don’t do a job you don’t adore – it’s a form of empowerment. Put yourself in the shoes of your boss/customer Treat every second as an opportunity. And remember, successful people are the most resilient people. Q. If you had to write a letter to your younger self, what would you say? I’d say, don’t worry about the end, worry about the journey. Part of our success is, is about our failures. Our worst days make us strong. Q. What is the key to success in business? Strategy Communication The right team Q. Who is your shero and why? My mum – because she’s amazing – I had some challenges as a child and it was her strength that pulled me through. Liv’s mantra is.. Be kind. Be authentic. Be enthusiastic. Be helpful. Thanks for the advice Liv – you certainly are the most authentic and enthusiastic person ever!

  • Interview with Carol Reid from ATHAC

    1. In what ways are you serving women in the West Midlands right now? Athac provides a weekly women’s wellbeing service offering every parent an income and benefits review to ensure they are getting all they are eligible to; personalised money advise including home visits where needed; debt management support; weekend family breaks for carers in the Cotswolds; Support with mobile foodbank during lockdown; developing recovery services; Creative session opportunities for children and young people. 2. What are your biggest challenges as a women's organisation? Working with women who sometimes lack confidence, poverty, women who need upskilling, wasted talents - many have crafting skills etc. but don’t wish to take on running a business. Diverse women need a personalised approach to support Providing one-to-one coaching. 3. What keeps you motivated? Knowing our support and opportunities make a difference not only to the women but to their children through our programme of enrichment opportunities. 4. Do you have any advice for other women running their own organisations? Know you mission and stay focused throughout any projects or collaborations you deliver. Also work in creative ways to achieve your goals. Take time out to connect using the 5 ways to wellbeing approach: Connect; Be Active; Give; Take Notice; Keep Learning

  • O.M.G.! This is Kelly

    It's hard to forget the film East is East (1999) - if you’re of the right generation that is. This classic 90s comedy-drama Britflick was one of the first big-screen depictions of the post-war immigrant experience in the UK. With a large helping of delightfully British humour and plenty of candour, it depicted the trials of a Pakistani father trying to arrange marriages for his two mixed-ethnicity sons. Not only was it totally hilarious, it was also ground-breaking, bringing the experiences and culture of a minority group that most people in the UK had no idea about at the time right into everyone's living rooms and playgrounds. The same could be said about Kelly Kaur, founder of the housing and support organisation ‘Throughcare’. She’s hilarious, candid and in many ways what she has created broke ground where support for people who have experienced domestic abuse, particularly in the form of forced marriages, is concerned. “O.M.G.” she says repeatedly as she recounts her own story of narrowly escaping a forced accident. “I didn’t even realise I was in Birmingham,” she tells me through a wry laugh. Kelly was 16 at the time studying to become an art teacher when she’d taken her usual bus home from college only to realise too late that she’d forgotten to get off and found herself in Birmingham city centre with no phone (this was the 80s), no money, and no contact number for her grandparents, who were raising her. A few weeks prior to this, she’d come home from school one afternoon to find something like a scene from East is East taking place in her ‘parents’ living room: about 15 Asians sitting around staring at her. Now, this wouldn’t have been unusual to most people growing up in an Asian household, but Kelly’s grandparents, who she classed as her parents, had chosen to live in a ‘white’ area of the Black Country to avoid facing the shame of their Asian community, so seeing any large number of Asians together in one space was a bit of a shock. You see, Kelly’s mother had fallen for and married a white man, a total taboo at the time, one her biological mother never overcame as, sadly, she left Kelly with her grandparents when she was just five and from then on, Kelly became their “tarnished” daughter. The marriage had been arranged and Kelly had no say. The day she visited her future husband’s home in Wolverhampton, she was adorned with the red head scarf and the 20 or so people who were there started putting money down to symbolise her acceptance as the bride. Kelly began crying but everyone thought she was crying for joy and happiness. “I didn’t disagree with [arranged marriage]. I always knew that’s my culture, but I assumed it wouldn’t have been arranged until I was ready.” She was wrong. From that day on she was expected to send love letters to her fiancé who was back in India. “I went to school the following week and I started to rebel a little bit. The teachers didn’t understand. This was in the 80s. Nobody knows what this kind of thing is.” Kelly didn’t know she was going to ‘run away’ until it happened. Not knowing what to do, she called her friend who picked her up from the city and in that moment, she said to her, “You know what? I’m leaving home.” Eventually she got a flat, but there were times of immense hardship, living on the streets. After a while she found herself working in an estate agent and, she recalls how “this woman came up to me and said, ‘my husband’s abusing me and this and that’, so I got the Women’s Aid number for her and [they] went to her house and left a card in the door saying ‘we’ve been told you’re under domestic violence, please contact us’. That woman came quickly to me and I thought O.M.G., that’s putting your life in danger! So I got her housed, sorted out her benefits and thought why don’t I just set something up myself? And that’s how Throughcare came about.” It’s been a challenge to keep it going, to get funding, but Kelly is a determined woman who likes to do things her own way and finds it very difficult to work with people who try to follow a text book when working with people they don’t understand the lived experiences of. “Nobody understood the concept of what a forced marriage was or what an arranged marriage was in the Asian community [context]. I don’t deal with just Asians; I deal with any ethnicities because there’re different types of forced marriage and domestic violence. It’s different across cultures and religions but when it comes down to it, we’re all the same. We’ve housed people from a white ethnic background, like skin heads, and they’ve gone and fallen in love with a black person.” Despite what many of her haters might think, Throughcare isn’t all about teaching people to leave home and live independently. “Back in my time all I wanted was for someone to mediate between [me and] the family and say ‘look, she doesn’t want to get married yet but she will in the next four/five years, you know, see how it goes.” “We’ve had stories where we’ve housed some girls and the next thing, I’ve done mediation with their family and they’ve gone back home. I’ve had one Muslim girl who’s in love with a Hindu boy - we had to kidnap her from school - it was so bad! She got pregnant and all sorts. We did mediation, got death threats and everything and, guess what? They’ve been married for 6 years! And then you think to yourself what was all that hoo-har about at the beginning? But you do get the odd ones that just want their freedom.” Ultimately, Kelly’s organisation is filling a gap in other services and that gap is the genuine knowledge of peoples’ desires and empathy for cultural practices that can only really come from lived experience. About women’s organisations, she says it like it is: “we’re all aiming at the same goal but [we] all do it in a different way.”

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