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  • Training Room Hire Full-Day

    Looking for a room to deliver your training or workshop? Well look no further as we have a lovely, warm space, bright, inspirational space, bang in the centre of town, with easy access to public transport and parking. We provide teas and coffees, projection equipment, flip-charts, Bluetooth and internet as well as easy access to local eateries. In fact, we have everything you need for your workshop or meeting to run smoothly and at a price you can afford.

  • Women's Hub

    Looking for a shared work space and a change of scenery? Well look no further as we have a lovely, warm, bright, inspirational space, bang in the centre of town, with easy access to public transport and parking. We provide teas and coffees, projection equipment, flip-charts, Bluetooth and internet as well as easy access to local eateries and in-house breakfast bar. In fact, we have everything you need in this work space to run smoothly and at a price you can afford. Available Monday - Friday from 9am to 6pm.

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    CURRENT PROJECTS ​ Womanhood: Creative Writing & Dance ​ Exploring Womanhood, will work with ordinary women to define, celebrate, and express their womanhood. We encourage women through dance, drama, spoken & written word, to explore the joys, the rage, the pain, the sensuality, and the burdens of being a woman in today’s society. We will use dance, themed workshops, and creative writing to help women to explore the impact of these everyday issues, focusing on some common themes of Sexuality, Sensuality, Rage, Power, Subjugation, Resurrection, Power, Shame, Abuse, Sexism & Misogyny that so many women deal with on a daily basis. Attracting a curious & eclectic mix of women of all ages & ethnicities to our participatory workshops. We anticipate this project to be a cacophony of voices. We will be upholding the values of the commonwealth by Inspiring, engaging and connecting communities through creative writing and dance, to realise their full potential and live happier, healthier lives.This project will build the confidence and self-esteem of our users as we explore their hidden depths. So, whether you’re a budding writer, want to talk or let your hair down, bring“her”, whoever “she” maybe, out to play. Flex your creative muscles, let your imagination flow and put your spiralling thoughts to paper in this light and friendly creative writing workshop. All levels and abilities welcome. Creative Writing: Every Thursday at 7pm, on Women2Women This project is designed to improve connectivity and highlight the services available to women by other women’s organisations. We are updating our database of Birmingham-based women’s organisations and will be hosting a series of workshops and networking sessions aimed at building our social connections, reducing the isolation that often comes from working alone and, of course, celebrating all of our amazing work. Interested in joining? Call Siobhan on 0121 233 1670 or register for your free space at our online ​ Creative Writing Guides ​ Perhaps you have been feeling a mixed bag of emotions during this pandemic. If so, we have the perfect antidote. Our short creative writing workshops on YouTube are a great way to process what's been coming up for you this lockdown and any anxieties you may have about life after it. Oh, and don't forget to check out the free, downloadable worksheets that accompany each video on our 'Treats' page. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Shakti Body Love ​ Self-care is queen. We want you to keep active but we know it's not easy to get motivated, so why not do one of our shorter workouts and maybe even a gentle and relaxing yoga session? We've created these videos for YouTube as a way for you to treat yourself. Each video is a call to love your body through the movement of dance and yoga but with a little Shakti twist. Join the amazing Monica Douglas-Clark as she leads us in play and let’s have some fun and a few laughs as we celebrate our glorious bodies. Just click on the topic you fancy below and the link will take you to our YouTube Channel: ​ Shakti Body Love Earth Groove Dance Workout Shakti Body Love Black and Gold Shakti Body Love Energise Shakti Body Love Feel Shakti Body Love Release Shakti Body Love Relax Shakti Body Love Benefits of Yoga Shakti Body Love Is Yoga for You? ​ Enjoy xox

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    Check out the latest Shakti posts Linda Hines MBE: The Story of her Life 9 0 Post not marked as liked "Be Kind, Be Authentic": Interview with Liv Garfield 39 0 Post not marked as liked Interview with Carol Reid from ATHAC 9 0 Post not marked as liked siobhan753 May 2 7 min Linda Hines MBE: The Story of her Life I met Linda when she showed me around the new Erdington Wellbeing Hub, 196 High Street Erdington, B23 6SJ, and was delighted to learn... Siobhan Harper-Nunes Jun 28, 2021 3 min "Be Kind, Be Authentic": Interview with Liv Garfield Background Liv Garfield was one of the youngest female FTSE 100 chief executives when she was appointed as Chief Executive of Severn... Danielle Parker Jun 13, 2021 1 min Interview with Carol Reid from ATHAC 1. In what ways are you serving women in the West Midlands right now? Athac provides a weekly women’s wellbeing service offering every... Danielle Parker May 30, 2021 4 min O.M.G.! This is Kelly It's hard to forget the film East is East (1999) - if you’re of the right generation that is. This classic 90s comedy-drama Britflick was... Danielle Parker May 16, 2021 3 min The hopeful Doctor, Pauline Roche, has some top tips for women. Dr Pauline Roche describes herself as an amplifier, producer, relationship broker and freelance journalist, increasing digital and data... Danielle Parker May 2, 2021 3 min How Niyo Enterprise is driving diversity in tech Laolu Dada is a woman armed with an arsenal of facts about black women in tech. In thirty minutes of conversation, it’s clear she takes... Danielle Parker Mar 18, 2021 5 min The PC plodding and pushing for change Even as she edges ever closer to retirement age, PC Andrea Reynolds of the West Midlands Police force has decided to “have a last push to... Danielle Parker Mar 18, 2021 3 min Faeeza's fight for Muslim women and girls The Muslim Women’s Network UK (MWNUK) is wholeheartedly and systemically grounded in the lived experiences of Muslim women and girls.... siobhan753 Mar 16, 2021 2 min Shakti, the light at the end of your tunnel. We were so touched by this letter from Jessica Cruse who is one of our long-time members and beneficiaries that we simply had to share... Danielle Parker Mar 14, 2021 2 min Little Red Riding Hood When is our society going to overcome its ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ syndrome? Silly little Red Riding Hood. If only she hadn’t wandered... 1 2 3 4 5 Featured Posts Namywa is facing down barriers with her new business, GirlGrindUK Let's Talk about Lockdown 3 Talk therapy hasn't 'cured' me or my problems, but I'm a little better for it How to have hope when this pandemic is punching us women in the guts Archive May 2022 (1) 1 post June 2021 (2) 2 posts May 2021 (3) 3 posts March 2021 (6) 6 posts February 2021 (1) 1 post January 2021 (5) 5 posts November 2020 (1) 1 post September 2020 (4) 4 posts May 2020 (1) 1 post April 2020 (2) 2 posts January 2020 (2) 2 posts September 2019 (2) 2 posts August 2019 (1) 1 post May 2019 (2) 2 posts December 2018 (1) 1 post June 2018 (1) 1 post May 2018 (1) 1 post October 2017 (1) 1 post September 2017 (4) 4 posts July 2017 (1) 1 post Search By Tags Christmas Money Success The Shakti Tribe The Shakti Way Follow Us


    BUSINESS CONSULTING & MARKETING OUR VISION FOR YOU Our vision is to create a world in which women are valued and where they can affect positive change in their lives and in their communities. Marketing Support STAFf skills analysis Board development Bid WRITING Income generation planning Project evaluation Business and Future Planning ​ ​ We strive to encourage all women to recognise their own unique beauty, to live their dreams and to realise their full potential. One of our key pillars is to provide excellent business support to other women-led or women-focused businesses and charities. Our team of highly professional and experienced business consultants can support your business to grow and thrive and we have provided services to both local and national organisations. ​ For more information on our consultancy services email or give us a call: 0121 233 1670 or 07973 666 567

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  • Linda Hines MBE: The Story of her Life

    I met Linda when she showed me around the new Erdington Wellbeing Hub, 196 High Street Erdington, B23 6SJ, and was delighted to learn that, as well as being a recognised Community Association, Witton Lodge has invested widely in their Flourishing Communities commitment, providing health and wellbeing services, housing and benefits advice, digital skills, employability, carers and domestic violence support, to name but a few. The Wellbeing Hub is open to all who need it - not just the Witton Lodge’s own Tenants - and is truly an exemplar of community investment. Linda is in her 70s and looks and walks like a woman in her 30s. She’s known in the community and is highly regarded by all from residents to police, Councillors and businesses alike. I’d heard about Linda from colleagues at the University Centre for Urban Regeneration and from staff, volunteers, and Board members. They told me: “Linda does not mess about, she does not suffer fools but has a heart of pure gold.” She was clearly someone I wanted to interview for our Woman2Watch series. INTERVIEW BEGINS Welcome Linda Hines: When I asked her to tell me about her journey her very first words were: “I love my life!” “I love Mondays” “You make your own happiness – I love the fact I have no idea what’s coming”. A JOURNEY TO SELF THROUGH COMMUNITY LED HOUSING In 1977 Linda was the wife of a disabled husband and mother of 2 children. She describes herself as having low self-esteem, no confidence and no social networks. “My job was to look after my family.” She said. Today, she’s the Chair of one of the most renowned Community Led housing initiatives in the land – the Association owns and manages 200 homes, provides a range of flourishing community services, supporting the local estate and the wider community of North Birmingham, as well as employing a 43 strong, workforce. The estate is conservatively valued at £11 million. And it started with a no! In 1977, Linda and her family bought a 3 bedroomed terraced house which was formerly owned by the council. These houses, locally known as “Boot” houses, were named after the builder, Sir Henry Boot, whose company built more than 50,000 homes between WWI and WWII to supply the escalating housing shortage. These houses were built fast, and due to the post war shortage of brick used precast reinforced clinker columns (you’ll see the relevance later I promise)…. They paid £10,000 for their home, and later, the Council bought back all of the Boot Houses that were privately owned when they realised that they were structurally unsound. Linda’s house was sold back for 30,000! “We made a tidy profit – Thank you Maggie! In addition, the council promised to fix the problems and we could return as Tenants. But it all went wrong. The council then found it would be cheaper to demolish the properties than to fix them and that’s when the residents got busy! The seeds of a now flourishing Residents’ Association came about and the new Linda, the dynamic stalwart community champion, began her 30 year journey of activism and self-discovery. “That meeting at Perry Common Library was the first time I had ever put my hand up to speak. There was so much I didn’t understand, and I was prepared to say nothing, until one solicitor who was due to speak, distributed packs of information to the officers but then said “I haven’t any for the residents as they would never understand.” “That made my blood boil – how dare he”. “I started asking questions after that. He fuelled my anger and my curiosity”. And so it was, in Perry Common Library that the Resident’s Association was formed, initially to work alongside the council to rebuild their homes. The Resident’s Association later became the Witton Lodge Community Association which was formed to oversee the regeneration and redevelopment of 900+ homes. “At that time, we didn’t really have a clue what we were doing.” The residents were steered towards a similar project at Stockfield in Acocks Green, which was the only other model of community ownership and management in Birmingham back then. And that’s when things started to get really interesting! Ladies in Lavender The Stockfield project, now Stockfield Community Association, was led by a group of mostly elderly ladies who were very proud of what they’d achieved. “They told us what they learned and what they would do better. They inspired and advised us and we were on our way…” At this time there were 908 properties to demolish… “there was just too much to do in one go! We had no money so the demolition proceeded in phases: Phase One – which consisted of 103 properties. Each resident was offered a new home once they had been built. Only 3 of the 103 families believed that this and 100 moved elsewhere in the city. Once the homes had been demolished, the land was then transferred to Witton Lodge Community Association on a 125yr lease, with the council still holding the Freehold. “I look at this as the first Community Asset Transfer in Birmingham. Perry Common had been built as a Council Estate, we wanted to bring in different tenures, so we sold 1/3rd of the land to private developers, 1/3rd to two Housing Associations, and with that money we were going to build our homes on the final third. But we knew that we needed more money to build the standard of homes we wanted to. We still had to borrow, so we got serious, and commissioned solicitors and financial advisors who helped us write our Business Plan. We were successful in obtaining a loan to top-up the shortfall. In 1995 we built 29 homes in our first phase”. “It had become real. My confidence was improving, but the unconfident Linda was still there, lurking…” OK I think we’ve got this… The next phase of the development was due to take place and 31 properties were planned for ourselves, but by now the Association was stronger and more knowledgeable and we started to confidently question comments made by the planning department: “We sometimes won the battle”. We wanted to change the road layouts and install cul-de-sacs so that the children could play safely. We wanted to know everything, we were like sponges; we went to planning meetings and we even chose the colours of the bricks!” It’s been an amazing journey and it’s taken 27 years to complete a 10year project, but it’s been worth every hour that it’s taken! “We don’t do normal” Linda proudly admits, and we are currently looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption in our homes and help residents with the rising cost of living. Q. What are the barriers you’ve overcome in your journey through life? My biggest barrier is my comfort zone – I still have self-confidence issues – the shy Linda is still here. I had low expectations and every day of this journey, I (we) had to prove I am (we were) worthy. My mother wanted me to work in an office and definitely not a shop as I went to Grammar School, but I didn’t want to and starting work at Sainsbury’s which helped to build my confidence and that’s where I met my husband. Another big barrier then and indeed now, is that there were no (and still are) very few women working in construction industry, women are virtually invisible, I want to change that. Hands of my Cherry Tree! Linda told me another story that made me giggle, but also exemplifies how she uses the art of persuasion and communication. She was coming home from a meeting, it was late and she was hungry. The chip shop was beckoning her! she passed a group of teenagers who were kicking a newly planted sapling. Instead of shouting at them, she asked the lads how they were doing and started a conversation. She casually mentioned that her friend, Mary, who was 84 years old, had just planted that tree and they were all genuinely mortified and tried to repair the damage. Linda believes in everyone and knows there is always a way to reach out to people and get them on side. Having only known her a few hours, I would definitely say it’s one of her superpowers. Q. What would you write if you had to write a letter to yourself? Dear Linda, Be Brave Be Bold You’d be amazed what you can do. Also don’t be afraid or ashamed of your vulnerability. Vulnerability is to be valued – it keeps us human; it teaches us empathy. Also speak your mind, but be respectful – I have learned it’s ok to say what I think – whoever it’s to! Q. Who is your shero and why? Oh, that’s easy – it’s Mary Harvey. She 100 years old, she is a Director of Witton Lodge Community Association and also a volunteer. She is never miserable, and she loves a man in uniform. She’s my surrogate mum. She’s an amazing woman who still collects litter from the streets and recently did a sponsored walk for John Taylor hospice. She comes in to fold leaflets and she still walks around the block everyday checking-in on the “old people”! Mary is my shero. Q. What advice would you give a woman or community group starting out now? “Don’t give up and never give in!” “I find a gem in every day – my joy is working with people and making new friends”. “You don’t need to know everything, just be willing to learn, listen and most importantly, to ask. It took me 15 years to be able to ask questions, to feel informed enough to question. I always wanted to make a difference and I am very proud of what we have achieved! There is a thin line between arrogance and pride, I hope I’ve stayed on the right side of that line.” INTERVIEW ENDS Linda Hines is an amazing woman, a shero in her own right. She is most definitely an inspiration to women and men alike. Her team adore her, and I’d love to have her school a new generation of budding activists. Her baby, Witton Lodge Community Association, is definitely a model of community led housing worth studying – in fact my university, the University of Birmingham Centre for Urban Regeneration, take students there every year. She’s one hell of a gal and watch this space, she’s got her heart set on an Enterprise Centre in the heart of Erdington and I for one, have my money on that project coming to fruition very very soon.

  • "Be Kind, Be Authentic": Interview with Liv Garfield

    Background Liv Garfield was one of the youngest female FTSE 100 chief executives when she was appointed as Chief Executive of Severn Trent in April 2014. Before this, she was CEO of BT Openreach and is credited with overseeing the commercial roll-out of fibre broadband to two-thirds of the country. Before joining BT she worked for Accenture as a consultant in the communications and hi-tech market division and she was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in October 2020 for her services to the water industry. In 2013, she was ranked 10th in Fortune magazine’s annual 40 under 40 list of rising corporate stars and ranked the 14th most powerful women in Europe/Middle East and Africa. She is the winner of the coveted, Veuve de Clicquot Business Woman Awards 2018. Liv is also a member of the 30% Club which is committed to reaching at least 30% representation of all women on all boards and C-suits globally. What made me want to interview Liv was of course her amazing achievements but also what I loved about her is what people who worked for Severn Trent have told me firsthand: “she’s so approachable, and she cares.” From the kite marks Severn Trent have gained to date, it is clear that she has most certainly created a culture of inclusivity where women will not be hitting the glass ceiling under her watch! I also loved seeing the work she does out there in the community, including setting aside time to give careers advice to young leaders and taking time out of each working week to meet all of her 15,000+ staff and of course taking time out for an interview with yours truly. Interview begins: Q: what did you want to be a growing up? A: A Blue Peter presenter Q: could you tell us about yourself and your professional Journey? I studied French and German and was not really prepared for the world of business but soon learned through work experience in Brussels in my university foundation year and later 5 years with Accenture. This really prepared me for the world of work. I was also a bit of a competitive people watcher! Q. What was your greatest achievement? That’s easy my 2 boys – yes like most women I juggle, like holding plates on a stick, we compromise but in order to make time for the people and things we really value, we must be selective about how we use our time. I have also made a zillion mistakes – that’s why I think it’s so important we enjoy the journey. Q. What advice would you give a woman starting out on her career today? To me leadership is about authenticity. I’d say… Take the real you to work Don’t do a job you don’t adore – it’s a form of empowerment. Put yourself in the shoes of your boss/customer Treat every second as an opportunity. And remember, successful people are the most resilient people. Q. If you had to write a letter to your younger self, what would you say? I’d say, don’t worry about the end, worry about the journey. Part of our success is, is about our failures. Our worst days make us strong. Q. What is the key to success in business? Strategy Communication The right team Q. Who is your shero and why? My mum – because she’s amazing – I had some challenges as a child and it was her strength that pulled me through. Liv’s mantra is.. Be kind. Be authentic. Be enthusiastic. Be helpful. Thanks for the advice Liv – you certainly are the most authentic and enthusiastic person ever!

  • Interview with Carol Reid from ATHAC

    1. In what ways are you serving women in the West Midlands right now? Athac provides a weekly women’s wellbeing service offering every parent an income and benefits review to ensure they are getting all they are eligible to; personalised money advise including home visits where needed; debt management support; weekend family breaks for carers in the Cotswolds; Support with mobile foodbank during lockdown; developing recovery services; Creative session opportunities for children and young people. 2. What are your biggest challenges as a women's organisation? Working with women who sometimes lack confidence, poverty, women who need upskilling, wasted talents - many have crafting skills etc. but don’t wish to take on running a business. Diverse women need a personalised approach to support Providing one-to-one coaching. 3. What keeps you motivated? Knowing our support and opportunities make a difference not only to the women but to their children through our programme of enrichment opportunities. 4. Do you have any advice for other women running their own organisations? Know you mission and stay focused throughout any projects or collaborations you deliver. Also work in creative ways to achieve your goals. Take time out to connect using the 5 ways to wellbeing approach: Connect; Be Active; Give; Take Notice; Keep Learning

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