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  • Training Room Hire Full-Day

    Looking for a room to deliver your training or workshop? Well look no further as we have a lovely, warm space, bright, inspirational space, bang in the centre of town, with easy access to public transport and parking. We provide teas and coffees, projection equipment, flip-charts, Bluetooth and internet as well as easy access to local eateries. In fact, we have everything you need for your workshop or meeting to run smoothly and at a price you can afford.

  • Woman's Workspace Monthly Membership

    Looking for a shared work space and a change of scenery? Well look no further as we have a lovely, warm, bright, inspirational space, bang in the centre of town, with easy access to public transport and parking. We provide teas and coffees, projection equipment, flip-charts, Bluetooth and internet as well as easy access to local eateries and in-house breakfast bar. In fact, we have everything you need in this work space to run smoothly and at a price you can afford. Available Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm.

  • Training Room Hire Half-Day

    Looking for a room to deliver your training or workshop? Well look no further as we have a lovely, warm space, bright, inspirational space, bang in the centre of town, with easy access to public transport and parking. We provide teas and coffees, projection equipment, flip-charts, Bluetooth and internet as well as easy access to local eateries. In fact, we have everything you need for your workshop or meeting to run smoothly and at a price you can afford.

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  • SHAKTI RESEARCH | shaktiwomen

    SHAKTI RESEARCH Shakti Women leaders all have a grounding in research. Siobhan has held 3 research fellowship positions with the University of Birmingham and Keele University. We also have a long track record of talking to our beneficiaries about what women want. Our primary and secondary research is the cornerstone of our work and informs all of our projects. As well as our own PINK PAPER, updated every 4 years, we have been commissioned by a range of stakeholders to consult with the sector and to support tomorrow’s leaders. For more information talk to Siobhan. What is the Pink Paper? ​ At the current rate of progress, it could take another 200 years before women experience true gender equality. We’re not waiting that long; we want progress now! ​ At Shakti we pride ourselves in doing work that is grounded in 'need', so as well as regularly asking you what you want with our own surveys, we collect and collate the research that’s currently out there. ​ The Pink Paper is 80+ pages of research about the issues affecting women and girls in the UK today, from pay and mental health, to representation and the workplace. ​ Head over to our 'treats' page to download our Pink Paper. ​ You'd be a fool not to, so, get downloading! ​


    CURRENT PROJECTS Write Mind: Creative Writing We want women to harness their inner strength and develop the tools they need to navigate everyday challenges and build powerful networks. We provide a series of writing, talking and self-development workshops designed to help women explore these issues, express their feeling and find their voice. ​ We use creative writing to give women the ability to express their feelings such as anger, rage, confusion and create spaces where women can develop their strength and resilience and self-care tools. Giving women the power to be more resilient in response to new and future challenges. Self-Expression Session ​ The empowerment-focused project in parntenrship with Jan Foundation aims to provide women with powerful outlets, to destress and connect with themselves on a deeper level. By engaging in these creative forms, women can explore their emotions, express themselves freely, and cultivate a strong sense of personal well-being. As women we carry so much, so we listened and created workshops that help to alleviate stress and foster deeper self-awareness. Here's a peak at some of the workshops we have done : Self-love Meditation Art Yoga Songwriting Spoken Word ​ Every Tuesday, 7 pm & Saturday 10am at the Shakti Office. ​ Shakti Saturday Girls Club ​ A weekly Saturday Club for girls to meet, develop their creativity and be their most authentic, audacious and vibrant selves. ​ We aspire to raise the confidence and aspirations of young girls aged 9 -15 . We support them by growing them into successful women. We are no longer raising girls but future CEO's, business women, lawyers, artists - whatever they desire. We want to cultivate strong minded, brilliant and talented girls that take life by the horns. ​ We are not your typcial Saturday Club teaching girls how to win academically but we are teaching girls to win in LIFE. Every Saturday in June from !pm - 3pm. ​ Domestic Abuse Awareness Shakti Women, in collaboration with the Jan Foundation, compassionately presents a series of workshops on Domestic Violence awareness. We aim to shed light on the various forms of abuse, including physical, domestic, sexual, psychological, financial, and more. Whether you are a survivor or have experienced loss due to Domestic Violence, this workshop is dedicated to supporting you. Join us in a safe, educational, and open environment on Zoom. Time: 7pm - 9pm. ​ Creative City: Womanhood ​ Exploring Womanhood, will work with ordinary women to define, celebrate, and express their womanhood. We encourage women through dance, drama, spoken & written word, to explore the joys, the rage, the pain, the sensuality, and the burdens of being a woman in today’s society. We will use dance, themed workshops, and creative writing to help women to explore the impact of these everyday issues, focusing on some common themes of Sexuality, Sensuality, Rage, Power, Subjugation, Resurrection, Power, Shame, Abuse, Sexism & Misogyny that so many women deal with on a daily basis. Attracting a curious & eclectic mix of women of all ages & ethnicities to our participatory workshops. We anticipate this project to be a cacophony of voices. We will be upholding the values of the commonwealth by Inspiring, engaging and connecting communities through creative writing and dance, to realise their full potential and live happier, healthier lives.This project will build the confidence and self-esteem of our users as we explore their hidden depths. So, whether you’re a budding writer, want to talk or let your hair down, bring“her”, whoever “she” maybe, out to play. Flex your creative muscles, let your imagination flow and put your spiralling thoughts to paper in this light and friendly creative writing workshop. All levels and abilities welcome. Creative Writing: Every Thursday at 7pm, on Women2Women This project is designed to improve connectivity and highlight the services available to women by other women’s organisations. We are updating our database of Birmingham-based women’s organisations and will be hosting a series of workshops and networking sessions aimed at building our social connections, reducing the isolation that often comes from working alone and, of course, celebrating all of our amazing work. Interested in joining? Call Siobhan on 0121 233 1670 or register for your free space at our online ​ Creative Writing Guides ​ Perhaps you have been feeling a mixed bag of emotions during this pandemic. If so, we have the perfect antidote. Our short creative writing workshops on YouTube are a great way to process what's been coming up for you this lockdown and any anxieties you may have about life after it. Oh, and don't forget to check out the free, downloadable worksheets that accompany each video on our 'Treats' page. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Shakti Body Love ​ Self-care is queen. We want you to keep active but we know it's not easy to get motivated, so why not do one of our shorter workouts and maybe even a gentle and relaxing yoga session? We've created these videos for YouTube as a way for you to treat yourself. Each video is a call to love your body through the movement of dance and yoga but with a little Shakti twist. Join the amazing Monica Douglas-Clark as she leads us in play and let’s have some fun and a few laughs as we celebrate our glorious bodies. Just click on the topic you fancy below and the link will take you to our YouTube Channel: ​ Shakti Body Love Earth Groove Dance Workout Shakti Body Love Black and Gold Shakti Body Love Energise Shakti Body Love Feel Shakti Body Love Release Shakti Body Love Relax Shakti Body Love Benefits of Yoga Shakti Body Love Is Yoga for You? ​ Enjoy xox

  • Personal Development | Shakti Women Ltd | England

    HELLO BEAUTIFUL. WANT SOME MORE SHAKTI MAGIC? BECOME A SHAKTI DIAMOND WHAT PEOPLE SAY I was apprehensive about joining the course but I have thoroughly enjoyed each session. I have learnt how to participate in chat rooms, use smartboard and share images. Women Walking on Water I really enjoy our weekly walks by the canal with the Shakti Women. It is so refreshing and great to talk to other women because I don't get out very much. My charity budgets have grown 500%, our number of beneficiaries 600%, our staff has gone from 1 founder to an empowered female CEO, with an assistant and 10 freelance coaches. My advice to you: take the plunge! My counselling session is going so well. She feels like a friend. I feel so comfortable and she's really helping me unpack everything. Talk Therapy Zoom Bootcamp Consultancy Client Girls Club Staff Comment Working for Shakti has been one of the most rewarding and dynamic experiences I've had. I love that we are serving women in this holistic way, with such compassion and respect for their inner beauty and power. Shakti Girls Club I found the sessions really helpful. It helped me to stand up for myself and to remember my worth because I am ONE in a BILLION. Womanhood As a performer the production was phenomenal. I feel inspired to move on to the next part of my journey using my superpower of dance. Shakti reminded me of that. Volunteer Feedback I enjoyed working at Shakti. The staff are so kind and I learnt so much in a short period of time. OUR SERVICES Shakti membership group SHAKTI WOMEN IN THE COMMUNITY SHAKTI Galz club Business consultancy & MArketing SHAKTI PINK PAPER COACHING AND MENTORING Shakti Self-Care Videos Self-care is important to us at Shakti Women. We believe that women should look after themselves so we've created a series of videos to help you unravel. Find a brief moment of peace in all the madness. Sit back and let your favourite dance and yoga teacher, Monica, guide you through a moment of tranquillity with our relaxing yoga sessions. Or why don't you dance like no one is watching... if you've been feeling like getting active, we have some groovy, waist moving, heart-pumping dance moves to make you feel alleviated. ​ Perhaps you've been experiencing a mixed bag of emotions during this pandemic. We certainly have! Our creative writing workshops are a great way to process the good, the bad and the ugly of life in and after lockdown. Whatever you're looking for, we've got you. Everything is just a click away.

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Blog Posts (73)


    All through the month of June you can experience the Shakti Magic with Shakti founder Siobhan Harper-Nunes. The on-line series includes Take Me to the Top which covers our professional development, Choose your Happy – yes that old shakti fave and If You Don’t know where you’re going, a must for business women. And last but not least, Siobhan’s signature session, Design the life you Love. The sessions are on Mondays at 7pm from 12th June. Click here to book your spot or to find out more. Please see below for the sign up links for the individual webinars: 12th June: Take Me To The Top: 19th June: Choose Your Happy: 26th June: If you don't know where you're going: 3rd July: Design the life you love: We love you babes, and this series was created just for the girls!

  • My funeral - my words

    My body is just a shell Don't waste any money on any extravaganza Share stories about me with each other Wear bright clothes Touch each other's souls Come with a smile Clap a little, dance a little and cry a little if you wish You will not be able to see me because my body would perish but my essence will be so very close to you. Remember that while you might be weeping I will be laughing. If you really feel that you want to spend some money to mark my homecoming then feed as many mouth as my age, plant trees and just love one another- your dead a long time. You don't need to pray for my soul to be in peace, my soul was at peace when I was housed in my body and when I merge with the over soul, the universe, I am free and totally at peace. Share happy silly funny deep stories don't hold any- thing back. Find the cheapest way to dispose of my body and check my third drawer in the office I've already paid for my funeral! Peace be with you. By Paramjit Oberoi

  • Hopeful

    In terms of the sanctuary, most of us will go back home after an evening out and that will be a safe place, but for 1 in 4 women an 1 in 6 men, home is the least safe place they go back to. Re- lationship abuse can happen to anyone it doesn't discriminate Sadly, a young neighbour recently ended her life leaving 3 beautiful children. This was triggered by an unhealthy relationship. this is the impetus for this poem. It's dedicated to her. Hopeful. Deep breath, Chin up, Shoulders back, Chest proud Now silence that voice that speaks on repeat, saying, "you're not allowed " You're not allowed to leave... "Nah sis please don't be deceived" You're not allowed... "Nah sis pick up the car keys" Too bad to stay.too invested to leave... You're sucked in...latched on.. sayin to yourself "I need to stay for the sake of my daughter...or. I need to make it work for the sake of my son" You can't leave ...becomes you won't You won't leave... becomes you don't Meanwhile your reflection is becoming a stranger And Your thoughts and emotions signal red flag. emotional, mental, spiritual, even physical danger... By now the cost of being free, Feels so high that you abandon the idea of liberty, And continue to live in what feels like some form of domestic captivity By now it's not what THEY DO TO YOU that's affecting your health, ..It's...what... theyre ...keeping.. you from doing for yourself. Your thoughts, perspectives, beliefs are all tangled and mix up Your feet feel stuck .. You're Drowning in emotional bruises and scared by spiritual cuts Spinning your world off its axis ..and those seemingly irrelevant subtitles and nuisances. they...twist your internal organs, suck at your soul.. You may or may not have heard... of the term coercive control This sweet little one ... this daughter or this son. This precious gift of life who came through me.. How dare I destroy a birth right, and taint a beautiful legacy. Leaving isn't easy, there is no perfect exit.. You have to dig deep, to rebuild your life and fix it... It may take help from professionals, family, friends . ...and a well-made plan Deep breath, chin up...start your life over.... If I did, you can.. By Denise Amory-Reid

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