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Our Membership

“Every woman deserves a little Shakti Magic in her life.” Lifelong Member

At shakti women we provide the support you need to get to the next level. With a delightful mix of business, personal and professional development, we have everything you need to succeed.

The on-line membership programme meets monthly, and we share decades of professional development in bite-sized, digestible chunks, so that your growth is rapid and effortless.

But more importantly, we create spaces (both in person and on-line) where women feel valued, respected, and encouraged.

That means in addition to the acceleration of learning, to begin to grow in confidence and stature with a tribe of sisters at your side.


Your Investment

Our annual Diamond Membership package is £300 per year of £30 a month, this is includes:

  • A Monthly Learning Session

  • A monthly group mentoring session

  • Access to all of our delicious how-to guides and workbooks form writing a simple business plan, designing your life to writing a career plan.

Our Offer

Sign up TODAY and you get everything in the Diamond package plus an extra 4 mentoring sessions, plus an extra 2 months membership - that’s 14 months, for the one off price of £150.

Applz Sandra, Body Symphony 

“Shakti Women reminded me that I had wings and that I could fly. Or if my wings needed healing they were there to aid there recovery. I am flying now and learnt to rest too.”

Reasons to Choose Shakti

We have almost 20 years’ experience of person growth and professional development and have already supported tens of thousands of women to own their power.

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