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What We Love About Shakti Women

Shakti Women is a movement of business and professional women.

We value diversity: the beauty dignity of today’s women.

We juggle between family, work, home and relationships - yet if we get the balance right, that struggle can work in our favour by strengthening our focus and tenacity to succeed.

That’s why Shakti Women’s Workshops are themed to provide a programme of continuous personal and professional growth, to enable us to realise our dreams.

We start the year by focusing on our goals: we look at our aspirations and sometimes at the garbage we collect in our minds, our bodies and homes. We also discuss finances, and the internal blocks that may stop us from realising our potential. Women are oft

en in two minds about wealth as putting our needs first can be associated with jealousy and condemnation from others.

What we love about Shakti is the fact that the movement is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Not only do we put a lot of thought into planning the calendar of training and finding the right trainers to and get the ambience right but we get so much out of working with the members and seeing them progress.

  • “I have grown as a woman since developing Shakti, I get just as much out of as I put in, and in fact I get more!” Siobhan Harper-Nunes

  • “Since starting my own chapter, I am on Fire” Cheryl Garvey

  • “Being a Shakti member is not a seasonal thing, I’m a Shakti Woman for life” Claudette Dawson

“Shakti” means power, creativity and energy and women who join us are committed to their own personal growth.

Countless women have made great strides in their careers and businesses, because we have created the time and the space and given ourselves the permission to focus on ourselves, to shine, to own our power.

Shakti Women is a magical movement that helps our members capitalise on who they were meant to be.

That’s what we love about Shakti Women.

We love every moment of our members journeys and we know you will love us too.

For more information about membership call 0121 456 5122 or email

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