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Happy Life!

We believe that HAPPINESS has everything to do with success, abundance, tenacity and our ability to inspire ourselves and others and here is why.

First of all have you ever heard statements like “I’ll be happy when…

  • My son gets into university

  • I get myself out of debt

  • I pay off my mortgage

  • The sun comes out

Do you know people who have it all yet who remain miserable and people with nothing being happy?

We decided many years ago, happiness is not a destination, it

’s a mode of travel.

It’s not a GET TO it’s a GOT TO!

We realised that choosing to be happy (not all of the time but most of it) has some pretty spectacular knock on effects…

  • When we’re happy we tend to be more positive which means we address our problems with a different attitude, a solution orientated attitude, which amazingly, leads to us finding solutions and therefore being more successful.

  • When we’re happy we attract more upbeat people into our zone and that means we surround ourselves with more positive upbeat people and we rarely find ourselves fighting off negativity and hopelessness… and guess what, that helps us to succeed.

  • At work, the happy boss enables a happy workforce which is passed onto our customers and guess what that helps us to succeed.

  • And, if that’s not enough, when we’re happy we create hormones with that help us fight infection and actually promotes longevity.

We have found 10 reasons to be happier and more upbeat and we share those with our members regularly.

We have also identified 5 key reasons why miseries choose misery AND how we can frame our lives to promote happiness on a daily basis.

Come on join us – let’s choose happiness today.

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