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Shakti Women

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, intelligent, determined, ambitious woman. This woman was called SHE and SHE had a dream to row her boat to the beautiful island of Success, where the rivers flowed with milk and honey and the trees bore delicious fruit like mangoes, pears, peaches and guavas.

SHE was determined to reach the island but her boat was small and the sea was large and she found herself drowning in the big crazy sea where the winds swept her little boat this way and that. But SHE was truly amazing, and purposeful and determined to reach the shore of Success so SHE kept on going it alone. Then one day as SHE grappled with the waves, there came another boat. It was much bigger than hers and it was powered by 100s of women. They were sharing the oars and taking it in turns to steer and the boat powered through the water like a hot knife through butter. The rowers shouted to the woman: ”Step in there is room for another. In fact in our boat the more rowers, the stronger we all are. And the bigger our boat becomes!”.

SHE said “No thanks. You see I’m special and I can make it on my own.”

“We don’t doubt that”, said the women in the boat, “we can see exactly how special and how strong you are, that’s why we want you in our boat, you can make it go even faster. Come on there’s the island, just over there on the horizon”. SHE was lonely, there did seem to be a better technique in the other boat, maybe because they had exchanged skills and they all got better together, but maybe she could save time and money by going it alone. So SHE kept going…ALONE.

We think we saw her on our last trip over the sea, still courageously struggling with those big waves. She will make it if her strength holds out. We hope she does. At Shakti Women we are all stronger because of skills, experiences and strengths we share. We are focused, determined and each of us is unique but united we share a hunger for knowledge and self-improvement and we keep each other going when we feel isolated on our business or professional journey. Lady, YOU don’t need to row your boat alone. There is always Shakti Women.

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