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Do you play football outside in the playground and wait to be the last one chosen because the boys pick the boys?

It's not fair is it?

You watch football on the TV and the men get so much more money and press.

Imagine if it were equal and men and women got payed the same, if more girls played football in school and it wasn't 2:20 girls to boys in the playground.

If TV was more equal and more girls watched women playing football, then women and men would be payed the same.

And girls would know that they can do anything a boy can do.

Over the August break we asked 12 Shakti Galz to join us to write next year’s Girls programme. One of the exercises we set for them was to imagine a world where we had achieved true gender equality, and their stories were fabulous. So much so the Shakti is launching a competition. The best entry will receive a prize of £100 and the top 20 will be published. So, if you have a daughter under the age of 18, ask her if she’d like to send us something.

DEADLINE IS 31ST OCTOBER. Send to Subject: Imagine a World. Please add your name and age.

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