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Happy New Year from Shakti Women 2020

It’s not just a New Year, it’s a New Decade and we are buzzing with excitement for women and girls everywhere.

Yes, it’s time to reflect on the past, all the wonderful things you achieved as well as those you didn’t quite nail, then we move forward into horizons new.

Here at Shakti Women we have an exciting menu of tasters, meet-ups, activities and workshops.

And, it’s not all just for the girls, as we are introducing a monthly meet-up for young creatives as well as signposting our followers to the last Tech Tuesday, a phenomenal body of technology and engineering businesses who meet, learn and do business each month.

Here is just a selection of what’s on our horizon:

  • TLC Day for women: a day of self-love and exploration

  • MBA in a Day: an intensive business workshop for ambitious businesswomen

  • Walk Taller: confidence building for women

  • Girls Aloud: a week of learning and fun for girls aged 9 – 16

  • Saturday Dance: a weekly dance club for the little ones

  • Bad Girls: A chance to dance, laugh and reminisce for older women

  • Young Creatives: an opportunity to meet, share, learn and grow

  • Last Tech Tuesday: an opportunity to see what’s on the regional business horizon

  • International Women Students: a monthly meet up for students from overseas

  • #Be Older #Be Bolder: a monthly meet up for older women designed to explore and embrace aging.

  • Sunday School – an opportunity for girls to explore life, dreams, challenges and to express themselves

These are just a few of the activities we have planned for season one.

If you’d like to know more or to book on any of the above, sign up to our newsletter today and never miss another Shakti event: SHAKTINEWS

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