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In terms of the sanctuary, most of us will go back

home after an evening out and that will be a safe

place, but for 1 in 4 women an 1 in 6 men,

home is the least safe place they go back to. Re-

lationship abuse can happen to anyone it doesn't


Sadly, a young neighbour recently ended her life

leaving 3 beautiful children. This was triggered

by an unhealthy relationship. this is the impetus

for this poem. It's dedicated to her.


Deep breath, Chin up, Shoulders back, Chest


Now silence that voice that speaks on repeat,

saying, "you're not allowed "

You're not allowed to leave... "Nah sis please

don't be deceived"

You're not allowed... "Nah sis pick up the

car keys"

Too bad to stay.too invested to leave...

You're sucked in...latched on..

sayin to yourself

"I need to stay for the sake of my daughter...or.

I need to make it work for the sake of my son"

You can't leave ...becomes you won't

You won't leave... becomes you don't

Meanwhile your reflection is becoming a stranger

And Your thoughts and emotions signal red flag.

emotional, mental, spiritual, even physical danger...

By now the cost of being free,

Feels so high that you abandon the idea of liberty,

And continue to live in what feels like some form

of domestic captivity

By now it's not what THEY DO TO YOU that's

affecting your health,

..It's...what... theyre ...keeping..

you from doing for yourself.

Your thoughts, perspectives, beliefs are all tangled and mix up

Your feet feel stuck ..

You're Drowning in emotional bruises

and scared by spiritual cuts

Spinning your world off its axis

..and those seemingly irrelevant

subtitles and nuisances.

they...twist your internal organs,

suck at your soul..

You may or may not have heard... of the term

coercive control

This sweet little one ... this daughter or this


This precious gift of life who came through


How dare I destroy a birth right, and taint a

beautiful legacy.

Leaving isn't easy, there is no perfect exit..

You have to dig deep, to rebuild your life and

fix it...

It may take help from professionals, family,

friends .

...and a well-made plan

Deep breath, chin up...start your life over....

If I did, you can..

By Denise Amory-Reid


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