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Inside Me Is A black Eyed Animal

I place my feet in the world,

it feels so cold,

and I want to scream.

My heart's racing,

I don't feel good,

and I look for someone to blame.

Sometimes I feel shame,

I have a frown on my face,

and rage in my heart.

I want to talk to somebody,

but there's no one around.

I want to shout,

but I think I really want to yell.

It's like sounding a bell,

but no one's listening,

I can tell,

no one understands,

how I feel,

I think they're going through the same,

they're crying too.

We're all in the same boat.

Then alone I sit under a tree,

watching the birds fly,

clouds pass me by.

I sit there in silence,

with my eyes closed.

Then I hear a voice,

it's so calm and gentle,

I feel it coming from within my soul,

"Be still and know that I am He.

I sense something in my heart,

it's gentle, it's sweet, and it's touching,

it feels like a presence of love and light.

And that's the higher power,

flowing with love,

streaming from above.

It's full of grace,

that put a smile on my face.

It's there,

it cares,

for you and me.

By Rosalie Dias


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