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Launch: Women Walking on Water

One of the best things I have done this year, is walk to work. Yes I've faced some pretty bracing challenges but with my Bluetooth speakers and my "happy" playlist I set off each morning at stupid o'clock, through the park, joining the canal network in Ladywood, through Brindley Place and onto Newhall Street.

It's the perfect start to an awesome day. The canal is just stunning -especially when the sun reflects off the water.

There are a myriad of interesting old red brick buildings, quirky water homes, wild flowers and the occasional squirrel. I love it.

What to expect?

Walk on Water & connect with nature

Write about water and its healing properties

Enjoy and explore some of Birmingham’s most precious watery spaces

Free trips to various UK water filled and adventurous places


Every Saturday at 11am. Click the links to find out where we will be going.


Outside of Subway on Newhall Street


Why not, is the better question. It’s a chance to meet a community of beautiful woman to talk and share but the bonus is free hot drinks.

See you there.

Love Shakti x


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