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Mother's Daughter

Imagine - I am my mother's daughter

in spirit and action. Bold, ready to act,

remaining true to my own visions which are vast.

I am a magnet of happiness this means I wait

for no one to form my smile, to seek my type

of wild laughter that whistles through the gap

in my teeth. I am fearless in speaking my truth,

which is as lush, as ripe as golden fruits

that I wantonly, constantly feel with my hands

in various markets, at home, in the houses

of strangers, feeling the fullness, allowing

the juice to drip down my chin, unafraid

of seeming chaotic.

I am aware that others

have their truths, too, often unlike mine.

I respect that - know I am deserving of respect.

What is respect for me? It is me undressed

before a mirror - watching my naked skin

move - not setting obstacles that contradict

who and what I am.

I am unafraid of praise, of honour when it comes

to me on bedded knee or both feet standing tall.

I observe the myriad circumstances of my life and

others. I am a beacon of acceptance not

judgment, least I too am judged.

I am graceful in all things, I meditate

on the meaning of life - well into the early

hours - working towards the best

me I can be in the time I am given.

All things whet my appetite.

I sharpen my wisdom teeth on words,

on thoughts, I am living my life

in abundance - imagine.

By Elizabeth Uter


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