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My funeral - my words

My body is just a shell

Don't waste any money on any extravaganza

Share stories about me with each other

Wear bright clothes

Touch each other's souls

Come with a smile

Clap a little, dance a little and cry a little if you wish

You will not be able to see me because my body

would perish but my essence will be so very close to


Remember that while you might be weeping I will be


If you really feel that you want to spend some money

to mark my homecoming then feed as many mouth

as my age, plant trees and just love one another- your

dead a long time.

You don't need to pray for my soul to be in peace, my

soul was at peace when I was housed in my body and

when I merge with the over soul, the universe, I am

free and totally at peace.

Share happy silly funny deep stories don't hold any-

thing back.

Find the cheapest way to dispose of my body and

check my third drawer in the office I've already paid

for my funeral!

Peace be with you.

By Paramjit Oberoi


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