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Too Thin

Too thin. Too fat. Too much. Too loud.

Too assertive. Too formal. Uptight.

Ripped tights. Don’t fight. Don’t speak.

Don’t eat. Don’t breathe male air.

Airhead. No headdress allowed.

Dress right. Dress nice. Dress in a

dress. Dress to impress, but not

yourself. Yourself at night is sad.

Girls alone are sad. Being sad is weak.

Being weak is embarrassing.

Embarrassing yourself is easy.

Easy girlfriend. Not easy wife.

Wives but be grateful. Eat but not

belly full. Full of ideas but lid on

mouth. Lipstick on teeth. Lipstick

stains. Stains on shirt. Wash my shirt.

Take off your shirt. Breasts for baby.

Breasts for men. Breasts not for us.

Not for us. Not for us. Not us.

Not here. Not there. Not allowed.

Not welcome. Not strong. Not brave.

Not beautiful. Not equal. Not human.

By Zahra Radha


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