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Shakti Women leaders all have a grounding in research.


Siobhan has held 3 research fellowship positions with the University of Birmingham and Keele University. We also have a long track record of talking to our beneficiaries about what women want. Our primary and secondary research is the cornerstone of our work and informs all of our projects. As well as our own PINK PAPER, updated every 4 years, we have been commissioned by a range of stakeholders to consult with the sector and to support tomorrow’s leaders. For more information talk to Siobhan. 

What is the Pink Paper?

At the current rate of progress, it could take another 200 years before women experience true gender equality. We’re not waiting that long; we want progress now!

At Shakti we pride ourselves in doing work that is grounded in 'need', so as well as regularly asking you what you want with our own surveys, we collect and collate the research that’s currently out there.

The Pink Paper is 80+ pages of research about the issues affecting women and girls in the UK today, from pay and mental health, to representation and the workplace.

Head over to our 'treats' page to download our Pink Paper. 

You'd be a fool not to, so, get downloading!

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