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Shakti Women was created to support today’s woman to realise her full potential and to set and reach her goals. We were established in 2006 out of a recognition that the average woman juggles and women needed a community to thrive and grow. 


We also realised that not all women are ready for professional development. Many of us want just want to find out who we are again, to learn about ourselves, and explore our inner world. That's why we established Shakti Women in the Community.


Each year we create projects on the basis of women's needs. 


In 2022, COVID meant that many women experienced financial, emtional and physical deprivation. As many were shutting down we began tailored our services wholly on developing and supporting women and were determined to keep pouring into each and every women we had the priveledge of encountering.


So, here's a peek into our 2020 diary. 


A real reflection of what we do as a women-led organisation. A look at the what we did and how we kept hope alive during the most unprecedented times all with a little bit of Shakti magic. 

Shakti Annual Report 2020

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