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A Super Woman

A beautiful woman she is,

in her dark long curly hair,

she walked with confidence and ease..

Her bright eyes accentuating her pretty oval face,

in a warm gentle smile she shone

wearing a smart yellow dotted dress

with black tights and black shiny boots.

She kept her head held high as she stride,

sometimes she walked on barefoot,

always walking with grace.

There was a spring in her step.

She looked so elegant

and radiated in femininity.

Her smile shone from afar;

you could almost sense her presence.

She lit up the room

where there was a sense of gloom.

She spoke gently

in a voice so dainty.

Pride wasn't her thing;

in humility she sprung.

She cared for others,

just as she cared for herself.

She loved others,

just as she loved herself.

There was something about her,

something special;

you couldn't put a finger on it.

She was so free and relaxed.

She walked as though she was floating on


Her gaze was special,

her eyes bright,

and her mind fully present.

She is a super woman.

by Rosalie Dias


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