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My Vision for Shakti Women

Shakti Women

Shakti Women is growing.

It is growing rather rapidly. This is great news. It is also an ideal time to remember why we started Shakti Women and our shared vision for the future.

Shakti Women was launched as we all wanted to be a part of an organisation that supported ambitious women. Women who had a dream and a purpose. Women who wanted to get themselves where they needed to go.

Throughout my career, I had seen too many brilliant, inspirational people falling by the wayside because they didn’t have the support or the skills they needed or the space to put their dreams at the top of their to-do lists.

I felt a sense of personal frustration when bosses told me that I should be pleased with how far I’d come, whilst making it clear that the road thereafter was not for me.

Our belief is that each woman has a unique purpose and ability and that all of us have the power to shine.

I also saw too many women continually re-skilling and up-skilling, not because they needed to but because they never felt quite good enough for the next step up the career or business ladder.

I also wanted Shakti to help our “go-getters” to rise so that we could identify and help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

At the heart of Shakti is our belief that each woman has a unique purpose and ability and that all of us have the power to shine.

But we also recognise that not all women want to take those steps. There are still more of us that are content to let life turn us into drifters, giving away our power with each diversion from our path.

That is the reality of the world.

However, at Shakti, we believe that the brighter WE shine, the more we inspire. We know that the more we succeed, the wider we make that path for others to follow.

I believe we owe it to ourselves, to our daughters AND to our sons, to be the strong, beautiful accomplished people that we were put here to be. By taking our rightful place as career women, mothers, advocates, or business women (remember we choose), we will all make the world a better place for future generations.

But at the core of the Shakti mission is that not only do we shine but that we support others to live their dream by fanning their light.

Our vision for the world is to enable more women to take their place as:

  • Wealth creators

  • Leaders

  • Excellent home-makers

  • That more women feel they have the right to choose.

Integral to this dream is our ability to support other women from within our tribe to reach for the stars. Never knowingly blowing out or stamping on the candle of another inspirational or aspirational woman.

Sometimes, however, I feel ashamed to see how some women treat each other and how nasty some women can be about another’s success or voice.

That is not the Shakti way.

We build upon our self-respect and in so doing; we grow and nurture our respect for others – all others – whether they be black or white, rich or poor, male or female, heterosexual or homosexual. And we reserve the right to uphold a “zero tolerance” towards the depreciation of others on any grounds.

Our dream for our business is to grow strong and prosper, supported by others who share our values and who support our ambition.

Welcome to our tribe.

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