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Let's Talk. Periods.

Ladies and Gents, let's talk periods.

It’s a biological event that none of us can control. Most women get them and that includes women who are homeless.

Your housing status does not make you exempt from periods which shouldn’t make you exempt from access to the proper sanitary products.

Could you imagine it? Could you imagine using old socks, newspapers, old clothes as a makeshift pad or tampon?

It sounds horrific but this is the reality for many women on the street and we need to make a change.

Help the Homeless; Period started to do just this. So far we have raised over £400 to put together care packs that will provide women with the products they need. This is not limited to tampons and pads, we are also including wipes, deodorant, glucose tablets, hand gels, compact tooth care, hairbrush and long life snack bars. Our next goal is to get this number up to £1000 and reach as many homeless women as we can especially with the winter months arriving.

We may not be able to solve the homelessness problem but we can help.

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