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Over the course of a lifetime we learn or inherit a lot of baggage or ways for responding to situations that do not serve us.

It's simply negative conditioning.

Even our sub-conscious self can sometimes undermine our best intentions because she is programmed to protect us. For example, if we plan something a little bit scary or uncomfortable she says “don’t do it!” You’re about to speak in public or take on a new challenge, she’ll tell you to stay home in your comfort zone. But we all know that in our comfort zone there is no change, no growth, and no achievement.

The average person has between 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts each day. But how many of them are supporting us to achieve success? And how many of them are telling us to give up, it’s scary, I’m not good enough, people don’t like people like me, it’s too hard?

What you would do if your arm kept smacking you in the face?

You’d learn to control it and that’s what we have to do with the random thoughts in our mind that do not serve our true purpose or ambition.

The way I do it is when I allow the doubters in, is I see myself like a puppet on a string, being pulled and pushed in every direction and I don’t like being a puppet.

The same is true when certain people – and you know who they are – push our buttons. We're LETTING them do it and by rising to their taunts, we are allowing ourselves to be that puppet!!!

I am a powerful woman I decide. And today I reaffirmed that I will only let powerful, supportive thoughts into my mind. And nurturing, encouraging, empowering people into my space.

What about you? Puppet or Power?

Hmmmm....choices choices...

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