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Having the Time of Your Life?

We hope you’re having the time of your life: working from home, doing minimum hours, drawing down a full-time wage, reflecting on your life, eating well, taking time out for exercise and self-care and loving the sheer peace and quiet of it all…



Many of us have been:

• Worried sick • Made redundant • Pushed to the verge of bankruptcy • Scared for our lives and that of our families • Isolated and Lonely • Trapped in the house with bored and frustrated kids • Caring for our elder’s & trying to do a full-time workload • Unable to make basic payments • Trapped n a house with a bored and abusive partner

How horrific can those worries be?

And we won’t lie, Shakti Women is also struggling with the sudden and yet absolute loss of our core staff and income.

These are difficult times.

But we have a small offering:

1. We’ve designed a FREE and simple weekly planning template so we can keep positive and on track (see website shop).

2. Each day we’ll post something uplifting (a simple recipe, a quote, a home workout channel – anything we can do to help alleviate the pain.

3. Asking you all to tell us about your struggles or joys so we can share and uplift each other.

And there’s more…to be revealed later this week.

Let us know what you need – we can't promise to offer it all but let’s all try.

We’d love to hear your stories of joy or frustration.

Please comment below or on: Shakti Women Tribe (facebook) Or send us your blogs/comments to

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