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By Paramjit Oberoi

Thank you, my dear child, for supporting me to emerge into a woman.

My dear child, the world can be scary and intimidating. Before I give you any words of wisdom, I want to thank you for showering me with your precious gifts which can never be purchased but are most treasured.

I am forever grateful to you, my child. I am offering back, what you have taught me.

As a woman I now thank you for the wisdom you bestowed upon me. You often stopped me in my tracks, scolded me and reminded me to go back to my childlike innocence: no shame, no guilt, no ego, just pure soul.

Yes, my dear child I comfort you, I treasure you. I hold you; I thank you and I love you.

I am not the teacher of wisdom, you are.

You are pure essence, the universal power. You are a true princess. Don’t let the world take away your essence, continue being you.

Dear beautiful soulful you are an angel, you sparkle, you shine, and will forever outshine any adult.

You are unique.

There is no one, yes, I mean no one that is like you. I want you to hold onto your uniqueness. You truly are one in a million.

I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin, be true to your true essence.

Remain curious, advertise your bubbly, innocent, personality.

Remember you truly are a child of the universe and have not been tainted with the worldliness of this world. Savour the divine connection.

Be inner directed, not other directed. Continue listening to that flutter in your tummy, itis your intuition speaking to you.

Hold on to your inner sense of knowing, your original spirit my angel, your true sense of being.

Don’t let anyone, I mean anyone, destroy your inner knowing, your intuition, and your inner beauty.

Express your true essence. Revel in your expanded heart.

Live in unfaltering faith and hope.

I love that you do not discriminate, you just see souls.

You are angelic, pure and non-judgemental. Never hide your feelings.

Be true to your nature, purely childlike, innocent, not indoctrinated by society.

Shine my dear child.

By shinning you will set the world alight with your flame and light.

There are no words to describe your inner and outer beauty.

You are totally exquisite, you are marvellous, revel in your marvelousness.

Embrace your inner beauty and inner knowing. You are divine, you have the divine light shining in and out of you.

Love yourself to the core.

Never ever, I mean never ever, ever: are you listening? Never ever give up your true Essence for anyone.

Continue being you because, you, yes you my dear, makes this world a better place,just by being in it.

Know your worth, know your true essence.

Value all your emotions, your inner knowing.

Continue dreaming.’ Dream Big dare to fail’

Your vulnerability is your strength, it’s a beautiful gift, honour it and show it proudly.

Embrace your love and know you are loved beyond measure.

Remember dear child I love you; I adore you, I treasure, and I cherish you.

I ask one thing of you dear child, that you will always see the pure glory of the universal power that I see you in you.

I love you. In total gratitude to YOU.


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