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Colour of choice

I love you gold

you shine a light as

wondrously bright as the sun

- the all-nourishing mother

in the sky - you are a most precious

element in the periodic table

- Atomic Number 79 - you are mine.

Mine to bless, mine to follow, mine

to worship - you are the buttercup

under chin lighting up the

underside of my head.

You are the crown chakra pouring

insight down on me

from head-top to toe

- bathing me, uplifting, inspiring,

connecting me to the divine.

You are spiritual connection

transformation, angelic energy

- haloing me in healing, perception,

clairvoyance that opens my mind

to the past, present, future.

You give me a sense of my own

divinity - an awakening sense

that I am a soul experiencing a human

existence in this body - this stardust

from the cosmos when the word

was first made flesh, then, I began,

forever and ever, amen.

By Elizabeth Uter


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