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Define Divine   

I am Mother by Nature, my arms  wrap around - embrace - stretch   the wholesome world and back again.  I feel the footsteps of all things  caress my cheeks, run across  my face. I am a place where  the tiniest ants or greyest,  wrinkling elephants my find a home.  I am the diamonds that sky-necklace  

is made of - jeweling stars across  the firmament where  birds delight in swimming  in my bluest, velvet gown.  I am the darkest frown of  night. I am the brightest  smile of day.  I am the longest thought   in the heads of human beings.  The heaviest heart heard in  the cry of artists  who cannot match me 

- in the reckonings of time  - they make their art - it lasts 

less than a day - little lingering,  

flapping like dying fireflies, 

whilst, a most simple thought  

of mine may stay a thousand 

thousand, thousand years  

until it crumbles to dust.  I am the breath, the dance  the play of all  the myriad things  that I create.  I am everything you see,  

hear, touch taste, smell.  Nothing under the sun  is begun or undone  but by me.  I own all things  - day and night  - everything is mine   for I am Divine. 

By Elizabeth Uter


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