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Soft caress

Of the shoulder

Whilst she puts on her bra.

A spotting of blood

Downstairs onto her pants.

Is thirst for bleeding

Now a hunger

On the rise?

Why is it taboo?

To roll off tongues

A journey into womanhood.

Ambiguous it seems

Larger than life to deal with

Hot chocolate

soothes the mind

like menthol to a chest

Hot water bottles soothe this cramp

Why does she endure pain?

For the sinner of Eves punishment of persuasion?

She's designed beautifully

On hessian she's displayed

A uterus with might

A crown in its own right

Where jewels that speak

More than the kohinoor speaks

For a democracy

She's not a republican

Or a migrant.

She already belongs.

With substance



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