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The Goddess peace

Close your eyes

Trust me

Take a deep breath

now another

Relax your mind.

Calm your Spirit

It's Cold

It's Dark, whispers in your

ear, it's ok be yourself,

relax, release and let go,

feel that stillness,


No sounds, don’t move just

float, your body is light

breathing slowing down

There's no one around be

one with self, shut out all

negativity let the positive

vibes flow.

Nice and Blue in

color, feel the breeze on

your face,

It's peaceful

It's quiet keep your eyes

closed feel it coming carry

it wherever you go.

Don't be

afraid let it all go its light as

a feather, taste the

goodness feel it and

embrace it it want hurt, you

need it just go with the

flow. It's patient in Spirit no

need to rush. When you get


It will never let go. I'm with


by Mimi Randolph


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