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The woman I have become

As I reach a milestone in life, I think about the

woman I have become,

The road I have travelled, I did not travel alone,

The women who travelled alongside me, are

stood around me now,

I see the ones with the fine lines around their

eyes, every line has a story to tell,

Displaying valiant smiles, their faces reflect nos-

talgic yesteryears, a priceless past, a part of who I

am today,

I see the ones standing with their hands placed

firmly on their hips, their heads held high, as

they stood up to abuse and adversity,

You stood up for what you believed in so gallant-

ly, you are a force of nature to be reckoned with,

I see the single mum turned businesswoman,

your hard work and determination, has brought

you success and dividends, believe me when I say,

you are a truly, inspirational,

I see the ones that put on a brave face, as they

battled with illness, every step of the way,

I hear your words,

"cancer is such a b****"


you wiped away your tears, looking at the child

you were leaving behind,

Your child will be guided by your eternal, divine

light my dear,

I see the women who betrayed my trust, but hey,

who am I to judge?

We are but mere humans, if you're truly sorry, let's

close that door and move on,

I see the women who give me their valuable time,

whether that be to wine and dine, to laugh or cry,

you are the sweetness to my coffee, the cool mint

in my mojito, the booze in my tiramisu,

I see the women full of wisdom, the ones who I can

rely on for advice and guidance, I'm so grateful to

have you, when life throws a curveball,

I see the beautiful women I work with, making a

difference to lives everyday, juggling their profes-

sional lives, between work, home and play, you

make my sometimes painstaking 9 to 5, all worth-

while, in every way,

And finally, I look at the little girls, blossoming

into young women, with their

beautiful smiles and intriguing eyes, you

beautiful smiles and intriguing eyes, you are our

tomorrow, you are our future,

I look around, at the women I know, the women I

knew the woman I have become,

You are these women, we are these women, they are

the women we have become,

As I enter the fifth decade of my life, I reflect on

the woman I have become.

By J K Memmi


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